When I finally realised that I had to grow up at some stage, I ached to be in my twenties; it seems to be a time of figuring it out, figure out your friends, your career, your love life, just figuring out who you are, it’s a bit of fun, making mistakes, learning, getting it together, because let’s face it, I want to have it together by the time I reach my 30’s.

I’m fresh into my 20’s, and currently in college, and having the lifestyle, that doesn’t even seem real, so far from reality, college is a completely different world.

I’m a pretty positive and enthusiastic person, i’m about 99% sure I will never actually grow up, just grow old. I usually go through these fads, my new hobbies, that last about five seconds, but they’re always entertaining for everyone else to see my new hobbies. I love Disney, and movies, and drinking, it’s a big part of college life. I’m always one of the first to drink, and usually have some of the most bizarre stories the next day, I really just like having fun!

I’m just trying to figure out where I want to go career wise, if i’ll actually get a career, trying to keep friendships together and make new ones, have a bit of fun with romances, and really just enjoy myself.



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