Over the last two weeks or so, I’ve been worrying about my relationship with this guy, this bitchy girl that I live with and my uni work. Yet all of that seems like tiny insignificant problems.

One of my best friends is an absolute star athlete, he’s just amazing at any sport he tries (annoying, right?), and also a fantastic person. Today while he was playing football, he was injured, badly. It was a spinal injury, they flew him to the city and put him in an induced coma. So now we are all just sitting around waiting to hear what’s happening, i’ve still got around another two hours before we all find out the severity of the injury.

But everything that I have been worrying about over the last couple of weeks really doesn’t matter anymore. I just want him to be ok, I don’t want him to lose his ability to walk, to play sport, I don’t want him to lose his bright, positive outlook on life.


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