Why I Hate Periods

Okay, so apart from the cramps, the mood swings, the headaches, the uncomfortableness and the constant fear of leaking, there’s one more I have to add to the list.

So after many nights of getting with the same guy, coming home together and fooling around, we’ve never actually had sex, and for me it’s quite a big step considering I’m still a virgin (Ooops, haven’t I mentioned that before?). So last night was pretty much the perfect time for it, I had previously had a few drinks earlier that night, but had pretty much sobered up, but not completely that I had lost my drunk confidence, we was a bit the same.

We have been getting together long enough, and not that i’m fussy with who I want to lose it to, but I have previously turned down many opportunities, and this isn’t one that I wanted to, he was also celebrating his 21st birthday. Seriously a perfect night. But no, my period had to go and cock block me.

Ugh! I’ve never been one to complain about my period, but I HATE MY PERIOD


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