The morning after

Everyone has had that night, where you get too drunk and question everything the next morning, this happens way to regularly to me.

Thursday night is one of our big uni nights, and considering I hadn’t been properly college drunk since i’ve been back, I decided to make it a big one. A little too big.

The next morning I woke up in someone else’s bed (the guy that I’ve previously mentioned), and a missing memory from the night before. I remember waiting outside the bar, and then walking home, bawling my eyes out on this guys couch and then fooling around with him in his bed. That’s it.

Luckily, this guy is so lovely, and when I apologised to him profusely, he just reassured me it was ok, which i’m sure it wasn’t. I’m pretty sure the night would have been like me being all needy for him, and not leaving his side all night, and then he had to look after me, and really we aren’t that close enough to be doing that sort of crap for each other.

It gets worse. Because we had already hooked up a few times, I thought that if it happened again, we would have to keep it on the down low. So the next day one of my friends messages me and asks how my night was, I inform her I could hardly remember anything. She replies with, ‘I didn’t know how you’d feel about the photo on facebook.’ Wait, what?! So i go on facebook to see 20+ notifications (never a good sign after a night out), and what do I see, way too many pictures of me and this guy kissing on the dancefloor. Great.

If there was people that didn’t see it happen, they would definitely be informed of it now.

So now, I feel extremely embarrassed because I can’t remember what I actually did that night ( and I don’t want to) and I have probably annoyed the absolute crap out of this guy, limiting any chance I ever had with him.

Ahhhh the joys of getting too drunk


One thought on “The morning after

  1. I hate the feeling the morning after when you don’t remember what you did. I don’t do that anymore except for the rare occasion such as a wedding. You make is sound fun though haha. Maybe we should get drunk together sometime 😉

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