Back to college, rebounds & mistakes

One thing my residence at Uni does well is the student leadership team. Because we’re just students ourselves, the other kids tend to respect us, and everything runs smoothly because as well as we’re their leaders, we’re also their friends. So what would happen if their was tension in the leadership team?

Now, there’s this one guy that everyone loves on campus, who is a leader (an RA like myself), he’s just a genuinely great guy, like he’s the kind of guy you want your kids to grow up to be. Anyway, for most of last year he was seeing this girl, who was also lovely, or that’s how it seemed. Long story short, they were like exclusive, but then she started having sex with all of these other guys.

So the nicest guy in the world (probably) gets upset every now and then, although he’s pretty good at hiding it. However, he wasn’t so good at it on Sunday, so who was there to comfort him, me.

It seemed fine at the time, just comforting my drunk upset friend, it happens. It was fine, until all over a sudden we had attached our lips to each others, and then clothes started coming off and things could have gone too far.

I woke up the next morning hating myself, knowing that the leadership team could be a little awkward considering I couldn’t even look him in the eye, and it was ultimately a drunken mistake.

However, yet again last night somehow we ended up in the same bed, and a very similar thing happened (except less drunk and clumsy). Of course we didn’t let things get too far, and although I had been in that situation a few times before, never had I ever had someone look so deeply into my eyes or keep asking if I was alright.

The thing is, when he looks at me, is he wishing it was her, am I just the rebound? And the hard part is keeping this a secret from the rest of the leadership team, and of course the rest of campus


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