5 things girls do that I can’t stand

1. Can’t decide what to wear
We all do it sometimes, but there is always that one girl (maybe more) that always has to get your opinion on something before leaving the house. I mean sometimes I may pull on a couple of dresses before I go out before actually deciding on one, but seriously asking me what you should wear to make a quick stop at the supermarket, no. If I say it looks good, it looks good, I wouldn’t let you leave the house looking like a big ol’ mess. JUst seriously, pick something out, wear it, and wear it with confidence.

2. Lead boys on
Seriously girls, why? You may have your eye on their friend, or just want a bit of fun, or want something from them, but flirting up an absolute storm with some guy you’re not even interested in, who is clearly interested in you is definitely a bad move. We all know what it’s like to be led on, it’s not nice, actually, it’s awful, never ever put someone through that pain.

3. Analyse things too closely
I must admit, I am an absolute shocker at this! And I hate it. “Why did he ask me what I was doing tonight? Maybe he wants to catch up, maybe he feels sorry for me because I never do anything, maybe he, maybe, maybe maybe.” You can literally drive yourself insane with this one! And make up completely irrational and totally FALSE things in your head, you can actually convince yourself that someone is in love with you or totally hates you, just from over analysing one tiny message. This is honestly, has to stop.

4. Hate the other girl
I never quite understood that when a girls boyfriend cheats on her with another girl, she hates the girl, and I mean hates. Like her life ambition is now to make this girl’s as miserable as hell. But why not the guy? You remember your boyfriend? The one who is actually supposed to care about you, and respect you? Too often girls go crazy over the other girl, but I mean really does this girl owe you anything? You probably don’t even know each other, she hasn’t committed to you like he apparently did. He’s the jerk, don’t make excuses for him and blame someone else for it. Guys have it so easy when they screw a girl over, because they know all her hatred will go towards the other one! It’s not right! And then Mr Jerk over here gets off too easy. (This excludes if the other girl is your friend or even best friend, then she deserves everything that is coming for her).

5. Leave their hoes for a new bro
Ugh! All too often, a girl gets a new man, she’s all over him? Or is she? Who knows, she’s completely fallen off the planet, I mean, does she even still exist? She never has the time to catch up, or make and effort, or when she does, all she does is talk about him or just message him the entire time you’re together. But what happens when the fairytale goes sour, she’s back at your door swearing she will never be such a terrible friend ever again! But in a few months, and a new man later, where is she? Who knows? Living her fairytale without you, but you know it will be all too soon when she comes back.


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