Mishaps of a summer job

After a very cruisey first year of Uni and unemployment, I decided that to survive 2014, and ultimately my second year of Uni, I did indeed have to work over the summer.

For some reason I decided juggling three jobs was a good idea. Anyway, I went back to my old job, that I had been working at since I was fifteen, so it’s safe to say I have that down pat. I also got a job at a clothes shop, getting my first retail job, and last and certainly least a job at a restaurant.

Now I live in a tourist town, so during the summer the town is just flooded with people, a lot of rich holiday makers, who can actually afford to eat at this restaurant, and some of these people aren’t exactly the nicest people. So when I told people I had a job waitressing, everyone pretty much face palmed, or did the old ‘you’re joking right.’ Like I knew I was clumsy, but had no idea everyone had such little faith in me!

So over the course of my five shifts, I have slipped over in the kitchen, (the chefs nearly had a coronary over this) split two full bottles of red wine on myself (this happened in one go, both bottles at the same time, I mean seriously, who does that), smashed a glass at someones feet on my very first day, and dropped a bottle of beer on a lady’s head, legitimately knocking her on the head and spilling the remains of the bottle all down her back. It’s fair to say my waitress game = weak.

So it’s safe to say, that being a waitress is definitely testing my skills, and I only have less than a month until I’ll be away with this job and back living my uni lifestyle!


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